Use Your Gloves and Bats

If you have been lucky enough to purchase brand new gloves and bats for your upcoming baseball season, then we have a very special message for you. That is, to use them! Too many times we see new ball players get all these fancy new equipment and they rarely use it.

What do they do?

They revert back to their old equipment. In a sense it is good because you are used to it and you feel comfortable doing it. However, you bought the new glove for a reason. The main objective after buying a brand new glove is to break it in. Or, at least that is what should be the ultimate goal.

baseball on the dirt

How Do You Break in a Glove?

Pretty simple really, but we get asked this question all the time! What you want to start off doing is field some ground balls, catch some pop flys and flat out just play catch with your friends or teammates. Get that glove ready to go.

Why is that important?

Because when the game is on the line, you will need to rely on your equipment. A glove is part of that discussion. This is not something to be taken lightly. You success depends on the quality of equipment you own and use. If your glove is not broken in the right way, you could end up booting the ball and another E on the score sheet is coming your way. Teammates will be highly disappointed, along with your coach and parents.

How to Chose The Best Equipment

First of all, you should find a successful baseball blog. Click here for equipment, product and program reviews. When you find a successful site that has all the information you need, you should narrow your choices down.

this is a fair ball

Once you narrow them down to around 2-3, you can now start weighing the pro’s and the con’s. Ask yourself, what suits me better? Do I feel comfortable with this piece of equipment? Do I like the look and feel of it? What are the reviews?

Asking your teammates is another great option when trying to find equipment and gear. They are great sources because they should tell you exactly how it is working out for them.

Good luck to all the players this season. You should be excited that baseball is right around the corner. Opening day will be here before you know it!

Remember, when you decide what gloves and bats you are using this season – start using them now! Don’t wait. Get on the field and start practicing.

Live in a cold climate?

That’s fine too. Use indoor facilities. Do whatever it takes to get yourself ready for the season. Good luck and come back for more baseball equipment reviews!


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